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MySpace lays off 400, Echo Music goes the way of the dinosaur

Wow! How MySpace grew to over 1,400 employees, no one knows? Maybe that's the worldwide number. Regardless, the company, which was acquired by News Corp a few years ago for what was then thought as a steak, is trying to streamline operations and get back to the "start-up" mentality that helped to fuel it's growth. This blogger highly doubts putting senior executives from companies like AOL and Viacom in charge of anything at MySpace resembles anything close to stealth mode.

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Friendster launches developer platform, opens up API

As social networks go, MySpace and Facebook have been getting all the love lately. What many people (um, Americans with their heads in the sand) don't know is that many social networks are thriving. Some, well beyond our borders. San Francisco based Friendster.com was one of the first out of the gate. Then MySpace came to the party, quickly building a 100+ Million user base on the backs of artists and record labels. Many Internet analysts considered Friendster dead in the water. But, as the company's cited 53 Million registered user base shows, there's gold in those hills. No, not the hills you or I might trudge over in the good'ol U.S. of A. I'm talking about the hills of Asia, where Friendster is the #1 social networking destination. Let's not forget the rest of the world, where it makes the Top Ten and is widely considered to be the overall #3 or #4 online community (depending on who's counting). Bebo.com is #1 in the U.K. Can you guess where they are? San Francisco, of course!

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