Tech View: Gizmodo's video review of the Sony Mylo

Hey! Check this out. The new Sony Mylo. Pretty cool if you ask me. It's a wireless device based on the PlayStation portable look and feel, that allows you to navigate the web with a version of the popular Opera web browser. It's got Google IM anlong with AIM and you can listen to music, play video and even talk over Skype using headphones and a built-in mic. It's definitely going to be hot on college campuses, where wireless connectivity is ubiquitous. I'd love to have one of these.

The only thing it isn't, is a mobile phone. But, you can use Skype to fill in the gap. I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know how it actually rings if you have it in your pocket.

It's not an iPod killer, because it doesn't have the memory capacity to challenge the 30 or 60 GB iPod, but it's a step in the right direction for people who don't listen to as much music or video, or are comfortable swapping out media more than usual. The coolest thing is the fact that you can Skype on it, which gives you a unique way to communicate with others for free (as long as the other person has Skype). As we move into a wireless world, ala Sprint's decision to build a nationwide Wi-Max network, devices such as the Mylo are a logical next step in the right direction.

I almost forget, you can share music across the wireless network with other Mylo users, but you can't download from one Mylo to another. Basically, that means you an access a playlist on another Mylo from your own Mylo and it will stream over the wireless connection to your device. We do that all the time in the office here at StarStyle, but using the iTunes feature that allows you to share music across the network as sort of an impromptu radio, but its programmed by your colleague. 

Check out the Gizmodo video review from YouTube below:

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