The S-Man and Ultra Records Come With Me release party at Crobar

On Saturday night, I swung through the VIP lounge before Roger's set at Crobar in celebration of his new disc, "Come With Me" on hot dance label, Ultra Records.

Here's Ultra GM, David Waxman, the Roger and I just before the S-Man went down to the decks to turn it out. Just before this pic was taken, David was showing me a pic of he and his wife's new baby on his Palm Treo. Here's to wishing his growing family the best of luck.

Check out Roger's album, available on Roger Sanchez - Come With Me. I've listened to every track, and let me tell you…this is HOT!

My favs on this extremely well produced album, which is full of true, full-on, vocal-driven and exceptionally executed house tracks are "Free," the Murk and/or Danny Tenaglia inspired "I'm Yours" (take your pick a to which one it sounds like) and the balearic sounds of the early morning, sun splashed "Soledad."

It's dependent on how Waxman and Co. position this album as well as who gets the call on the remixes that will help propel this album into the dance mainstream. From where I sit, this album will appeal to the 25+ crowd who are interested in great songs, flawless and soulful production and an all around sophisticated entry into the crowded trance-laden market. This is a record that can stand the test of time. I'd like to find this as a selection at a W Hotel or Kimpton Hotel property. DJs who play upscale lounges that cater to an educated crowd will definitely have success with this record.

I'm looking forward to getting some of the remixes in the mix in the Netmix mix-show. Hopefully, I'll be able to secure a promotional copy this week and put it in the August set.

It's all about the bling!

Roger and our famous real estate mogul!

Valentino, Tony Z and Stereo Musiq
Amanda shows some love!
Tommy T and the boys!
Roger on the decks at Crobar

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