Tony Zeoli to appear on Winter Music Conference panel

On Friday, March 27th at 4:00 PM, Netmix founder and Zaah Technologies VP of Product Development, IA and UxD, Tony Zeoli, will participate on the RSS Feeds, Podcasting & Webcasts panel at the 2009 Winter Music Conference.

This panel will address the ways in which new music is being presented today – access, distribution and dissemination of both dance music and information. Also, this panel will discuss the innovative advances in technology ushering in this dramatic shift that’s transforming the music & broadcast industry.


  • Laura Betterly- Yada Yada Marketing, Inc


  • Jonathon Alexander- Tap It FAME
  • DJ Philammon- BPM.FM
  • David Porter-
  • DMS12
  • Asya Shein- MIR Media
  • Anthony Zeoli- Zaah Technologies/ Netmix

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