Turntable Timmy: A Children's Book for the DJ Set

Turntable TimmyFor those of who are now proud parents, but remain attached to DJ culture in some way, Turntable Timmy is for you!

Ever wonder how you're going to pass down those turtable "skillz that paid the billz" to your kids? This book is the perfect segue (no pun intended Smile) for your child to begin thinking about a life of dedication to his/her skratchin' and beat jugglin' craft, without the financial struggle we all know and love mixed in. Start'em off early with this book, and see your kid bypass all the others to win the DMC Championship faster than you can say, "cuttin and skratchin."

DJ Qbert's Wave TwistersThe book was written by Michael Perry, a reknowned writer of childrent's fiction and illustrated by Doug Cunningham, a pioneering West Coast writer (graffiti). His artwork was featured in the animated skratch movie, Wave Twisters (Thud Rumble Inc).

Although I don't have kids, my girlfriend found this book on Amazon and thought it would be a great gift for someone like myself, who still loves DJ culture although I don't spin out in public as much as I used to. I'm so hyped she bought this for me. I'd never seen a book like this done so well.

I'll be sure to keep this on my book shelf for the day I sprout a little one and want to drop some science on the secrets of turntablism, graf, emcee's and breakin!

The company behind the project, Rebel Static, are also creating an animated series based on characters from the book. There's an accompanying web site for the book, which tells the story of Turntable Timmy and his friends and there's even a DVD in that comes along with it attached to the back cover.

The company has even created a Turntable Timmy trailer for an animated Turntable Timmy series, which they say they are currently working on. Check out the trailer, which is featured on the the popular video sharing web site, YouTube.com:

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