Video of the Year: Rihanna feat. Jay Z. – Umbrella

Wow, this was a tough one. Justin spent $2 Mil for his video. Kanye probably spent around the same. But the winning trophy goes to Rihanna. This year, I think she definitely connected on a mainstream level with her audience. Her video was one of the most popular I’ve seen in a while. Everywhere you looked, Umbrella was on the tube, on the web and on screens all across America in retail stores. I’m not sure about iPod downloads, but I’m sure she was hot there too. Add the fact that she can actually sing and you’ve got a recipe for success. I’m not mad at the choice, although Kanye might be. Good thing he’s somewhere else in the building right now, or he’d jump on stage like he did in Europe and start complaining about the injustice.

Next year, I hope I’ll be able to get StarStyle to get up off some dollars and get to the awards myself. Speaking of StarStyle, stay tuned for some hot news that will definitely get us to where we need to be this year.

Moving on, I’m watching the Nelly Furtado performance. Love her! Saw her at the AOL Live concert in L.A. last year. By the way, isn’t it dope that Timbaland is rocking the rave sounds in hip hop tracks. Hope you’ll see more of that.

You gotta love Justin Timberlake. He’s got the voice, the charisma and the dance moves. He’s our George Michael and Michael Jackson of this decade. Okay…maybe not Michael Jackson’s voice, because no one really compares to that, but he’s a performer like Mike and a damn good one at that.


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