Completed Spring Semester at NYU, Consutling/Biz Dev for MusiKube/

So, you must be wondering what I’ve been up to the last few days since there hasn’t been a posting. Well, I’ve been working hard on various projects, which I’ll run down for you here.

First, I finished my Spring semester at New York University’s School of Continuing Professional Studies, Paul McGhee Division, where I’m taking classes towards a B.S. in Digital Communications and Media. I did very well in two out of the three classes. Because of some personal problems I encountered in January, February and early March, I didn’t do so well in my third class, Algebra. I think it was just too much for me to handle, so I’m going to take it again in the Fall. I am pretty happy with how I did in the other classes, where were History and Theory of Media and Organizational Behavior.

History and Theory of Media is pretty self-explanatory. We took a look at media from the days of Plato and Socrates to online blogging today. The main focus of the class was on how the media operates in societies, how it’s driven by both journalistic integrity and the power of money in a drive for profitability, which makes the media industry unique in that it has a responsibility to its reader, viewer or listener, but at what level does the news or other content become driven by profits and not fairness or accuracy. Over the past few weeks, as the class came to a close, we discussed in detail the globalization of media and its impact on societies, governments and business. In my research, I came across a few articles about the globalization of the media, which I will post here soon.

My Oranizational Behavior class was amazing. It taught me so much about its main focus, how people interact with each other in the workplace. If DJ/Entrepreneurs took this class, boy would there be a wholesale change in how the dance music industry operates. I took away many wonderful ideas and feel very empowered as a manager now, but there was one piece of advice that really stuck with me. “Your perception is your reality.” When my professor, Karen Merson, wrote that on the board, it really blew me away. No one had ever said anything like the to me. To realize that you perceieve events and make them real in your head was mind-blowing to me, as I probably have been doing this all my life, but no one could ever explain it. Well, it all came down to the one sentence, and it’s completely changed my life.

Okay, the next project I am working on is as a Biz Dev consultant for a company called MusicKube, who run the web site, a music ID service that, after dialing a phone number, can ID over 3.5 million songs in its database. I’ll be working on marketing a white label, turn-key solution to companies in the online and mobile space interested in an added-value product.

I’m also talking with a few other companies at this point to consult as well, and I’ve been really using the LinkedIn and Ryze business networks to my advantage. I’ve made a lot of contacts at both web sites. I also have been crazy busy with Friendster and MySpace. I think Social Networking sites are definitely on the rise again after getting a bad rap in the late 90’s before the bubble burst. There was a recent article in the New York Times talking about how investment groups are again looking at Social Networking communities seriously. Time will tell which ones survive and which ones fall by the wayside.


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