Bryn Christopher — The Quest

Bryn Christopher‘s debut video landed in my inbox the other day, and it’s worth a watch. The British singer’s got a sick voice, for sure–he opened for Amy Winehouse on her last tour, and “The Quest” is already being used in promo spots for Grey’s Anatomy. Bryn’s debut album, My World, is due out on September 16th, and if you’re interested in catching him live stateside, he’s got two U.S. dates slated for September, hitting the Viper Room in Los Angeles on the 22nd and Joe’s Pub in New York on the 24th.

And, because I’m a sucker for any kind of insight into the production process, get a peek behind the scenes of The Quest after the jump (my favorite part is the PAs furiously puffing cigarette smoke around ).

Melanie Donnelly

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