Cary Brothers

Cary Brothers

Of all the artists we’ve been pitched over the years, it’s so nice to wake up to an email from a manager or publicist who brings us music that instantly warms our hearts, touches our souls and awakens our spirit.

A week or so ago, the Brooklyn-based booking and management company, The Ascot Club, forwarded a release asking us if we could write about an artist on their roster, Cary Brothers. Admittedly, I was reluctant to act upon the request, probably because I was faced with another 1.5 drive from my home in Westchester to my day job on Long Island. Brothers also isn’t an electronic music artist; he’s a singer-songwriter.

Why are we writing about singer-songwriters? Well…we’re jumping on the S&S bandwagon, for one. Just kidding! Nah…we just though this music was pretty cool. He’s also tied to dance music in more ways than one, which we’ll explain in a minute.

It also probably helped that the name of the management company is The Ascot Club. And the name of the person who emailed me is Inge. I thought, “hey, that’s pretty unique!,” picturing a bunch of guys walking around an old English Tudor manor with white, Silk ascots wrapped under smoking jackets–pipes in hand. Inge…well, I let my mind wander on that one. I remembered the email said The Ascot Club is located in Brooklyn, which is a pretty far cry from the English countryside, for sure. Dream over…right. Time to move on.

“Ride,” is a gorgeous, powerful, yet moody single from Cary Brothers debut album (released last year), Who You Are. On this track, Brothers sweet, emotion-laced vocal asks a love interest if faith, compassion and understanding would bring them back together. Brothers vocals, layed alongside a lush guitar and slight, rhythmic electronic beats asks, “Would you take my hand tonight? If I told you the reasons why. Would you leave your life and ride? And ride.”

On a side note, the world’s number one DJ/Producer, Tiesto, gave “Ride” the remix treatment. It’s an enhancement of the original that perfectly keeps the underlying moodiness intact, while adding a Spanish-style guitar and kick-drum that brings a sense of urgency to the song. Of course, like all anthemic Trance productions, you’ll find the obligatory breakdowns with broad synth patterns structured such that it should move any dancefloor.

With a new album coming out, it doesn’t make much sense to review Cory’s current set of tracks. You can take a listen for yourself on his MySpace.

What Ascot Club wants you to know is that Brothers has two, upcoming performances in New York and L.A. And, they are:

  • March 3rd New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge (w/ Luke Temple and Callers)
  • March 5th Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour (w/ Buddy)

Le Poisson Rouge tickets – on sale 1/16/09:

Troubadour tickets – on sale 1/16/09:

Run…don’t walk to see Cary Brothers. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out his video blog below:

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