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Ovum Records celebrates 15 years with WMC party at the Shelborne Hotel

Ovum Records celebrates 15-years with their 14th-annual Ovum Party on Wednesday, March 24th. The festivities take place at Shine nightclub in the Shelborne Beach Resort Hotel from 10 pm to 5 am. In the main room, Josh Wink vs. Steve Bug, Nic Fanciulli vs. Joris Voorn, David Squillace vs D'Julz and Luis Bacchetti. DJ Sneak, Doc Martin and Manik are in the lounge.

Check out tracks from Josh's latest album, When A Banana Was A Banana, plus links to Ovum and Josh Wink social sites, and his Resident Advisor Podcast.

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Deadmau5, BURNS and Kim Fai hit Terminal 5

Looking for something to do on Thanksgiving Eve next week? The Bowery, Pacha NYC and Terminal 5 have teamed up to bring you and evening of hyped beats and funky sounds from everyone's musical maestro of the moment, Deadmau5. Alongside will be U.K. funkmaster, BURNS, who's Parisian-style funk melded with UK disco-filtered house is rocking dance floors around the world.

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National Museum of Hip-Hop gala fundraiser at M2 Ultra Lounge on February 9, 2010

To kick off fund raising for construction of the museum and drive awareness for the museum's cultural programs and community-based initiatives, the organizers are planning a black-tie event, slated for February 9th at M2 UltraLounge on Manhattan's West Side. Chuck D and KRS-One will host the star-studded event. Confirmed guests include Big Daddy Kane, the Cold Crush Brothers, members of the Rock Steady Crew, MC Lyte, Rakim, DJ Red Alert, Ralph McDaniels, The Roots, and Redman. The events co-chairs include, Bill Adler, Dr. Ben Chavis, Andre Harrell, Afrika Bambaataa, Terry Stewart and Jim Fricke.

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A starry night for One Night in St Tropez in New York City

Kenny Summit spins the One Night in St. Tropez tour at the Empire Hotel rooftop. Celebrities in attendance were Jessica Alba, Dane Cook, Janeane Garofalo, Mike Epps, Karl Lagerfeld. Listen to Kenny's latest mix.

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What’s that song in the Acura TSX commercial?

Check out this track by PJ Hanke feat. Dee Clay, Future Of Our Love., which is featured in this YouTube video for an Acura TSX commercial. To date, it's got over 21,000 spins.

The original and remix are available for licensing for compilations. You can contact Netmix directly to inquire about the music for your upcoming release.

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Electric Zoo Festival announced Francois K, Ben Watt, Cassy, Jason Jollins and more.

We've posted about this a few times already this summer. Sorry for the repetitive info, but Made Events keep announcing new acts for its huge, Electric Zoo Festival, an open air music festival taking place on Randall's Island Park over Labor Day weekend: Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th, 2009 - 12 noon to 11 pm both days!

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Michael Jackson's Estate Open For Business

Two weeks after Michael Jackson’s death, administrators of his estate are temporarily authorized to reopen for business and negotiate, among other things, agreements relating to the singer’s ill-fated “This Is It” concert tour.

The impact of Michael Jackson's music on DJ culture

As we’re all now aware of, the music legend, recording artist Michael Jackson, passed away at the age of 50 from a heart attack in his rented LA home on June 25, 2009. Michael’s impact as a pop-superstar who affected millions, if not billions of music fans worldwide with his music will be felt for generations. Like the Beatles, Elvis Presely and Frank Sinatra, Jackson is an American icon who transcended race to make music for the masses that carved out a musical niche very few ever realize. In today’s music industry, a transformational entertainment icon is hard to come by. Because music has become disposable, artists like Michael Jackson are few and far between. It is now a question as to whether anyone can ever attain the stature Michael Jackson enjoyed throughout his 40-year musical career.

This post is not meant to be a retrospective on MJJ’s life. My intent is to simply convey the important Michale Jackson had on DJ culture in America and around the world. As a DJ since 1979, MJJ’s music played an integral role in my career development. Any DJ worth his salt understood that dropping an MJJ record, whether as part of the Jackson 5 or as a solo artist, would bring a lulled crowd to a dancing frenzy. In the midst of of a set, when you were looking for that perfect record that would help you build a rapport with your crowd, pulling out an MJJ record at the exact, right moment transformed you from just another DJ to everyone’s favorite DJ. Knowing when, where, why and how to play an MJJ record is an art within the art or music. It’s nothing you can teach, just something you understand as you watch other DJs ply their trade.

I could go through the list of MJJ records that were the primary drivers on and off the dance floor, but I won’t do that in this post, because everyone and their brother are running tribute shows on the radio, over the web and on television that testify to his musical legacy. What I will say is that through MJJ’s musical genius and the talent of the producers he worked with, DJs were handed instant hit records that built their careers. For that, all DJs should be grateful to Michael Jackson’s legacy, which gave us so much to use to fuel our careers, generate revenues and build on.

My favorite Michael Jackson record of all time: “Get On The Floor.” Why? It’s casual, laid back and smooth, simple cool gave you that simple enticement to move your body. The words themselves we’ve all heard in one way or another, but the way Jackson delivered them in such an innocent, boyish way made it possible for so many to say to themselves, “sure…how hard can dancing be?” As a young DJ at Spin-Off roller skating Disco in Boston, MA, “Get On The Floor” was my anthem. Every skate session I worked, that was the record I’d launch my set with. It was a call to humanity to just let yourself go and feel the rhythm. That’s what Michael Jackson represents to me. Just feeling the rhythm and going with it.

Later on, while working at an 80’s club, Culture Club in New York City, I’d pull out the 12″ version of “Smooth Criminal.” This record was the definition of cool. Who doesn’t want to be a “Smooth Criminal?” It told us, hey, you can be cool and get away with things, if you just do it in such a way that you don’t get caught. You just slide through it all.

I am forever grateful to MJJ for giving me the music ammunition on which to build my career. Despite his controversies, his hard work and dedication to the music and his understanding of how to create transformational experiences, whether live or recorded, can never be replicated or duplicated.

He will be missed.

— by Tony Z.

Bacardi B-Live Tour at M2 Ultralounge NYC with Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak and DJ AM

Last Wednesday night, despite the lingering rain that has been pestering New Yorkers for the last month or so, I decided to venture out to the newly revamped Mansion, which is now known as M2 UltraLounge--the stealthy moniker that is cover for what's supposed to be Ministry of Sound's new NYC effort. If Pacha can bring the funk to New York, then Ministry of Sound sure can too, even if it it takes over a space that has seen it's better days. I wasn't much of a fan of Crobar, the club's original incarnation. But, I must say the venue's design team have given a touch of class to a huge room that was sorely lacking sophistication.

Showing up to Bacardi's B-Live was, for me, an off, then on again affair. It was 11 pm and I'd just arrived to my friend's house across the Hudson in Guttenberg, NJ, where I'm staying for the month to be closer to the city. I knew I had to get up for work early, because I commute about 1.5 hours each way to the office in Long Island. As I sat down to check my Facebook messages, I saw a friend sent me an earlier note asking if I was going to go. If so, she was wondering if I was going to take some shots that she could use for a publication she writes for. Despite my better judgement, I knew she needed my help. I got my butt up off the couch, jumped in the car and shot into the city to see what I could come up with. After all, she's a great gal and I don't mind doing a favor for a friend.

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Bacardi B-Live Turns Up the Heat In New York City

BACARDI® B-LIVE™ is an nnovative global concert series that is touring the United States, mixing today’s hottest music with the very best in BACARDI cocktails.

A-Trak, DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Drop the Lime, and Steve Porter will perform in New York at BACARDI B-LIVE, Wednesday, June 17th, 2009. This national summer music series brings electro-pop and indie/electronic music to the masses and is taking place at the M2 Ultra Lounge (530 W. 28th St) at 9pm. The performers will take the stage where they will showcase their own, unique styles to produce a one-of-a-kind performance.

Tickets are $15.00 at WWW.BACARDI.COM/BLIVE. You must be 21+ to purchase and party.

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