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Deadmau5 video, “The Veldt” featuring Chris James

Sure, we’re a little late to the game. I think every music blog in the world has now posted this video well before Netmix. We don’t really care much about being first. We just want to blog about stuff we see come across our plate from time to time and let everyone else keep up with the Joneses.

That being said, we’re digging the new Deadmau5 track, “The Veldt,” which brings one of the most popular and incessantly touring EDM producer/DJs back to earth, really. Truth be told, we’d kind of given up on Deadmau5. While the mainstream raved about him and everyone and their mother started booking him for their summer tours, we were left scratching our heads.

Over the past year, every time we checked for a Deadmau5 track on Beatport, we simply felt he was going out into left-field somewhere, producing extravagant journeys of noise. To us, it sounded more like he was trying too hard to break new sonic ground, instead of being accessible. Maybe a little too avant-garde for our tastes, which is fine, but we just weren’t into it. In fact, we’re really not sure when we last checked for a Deadmau5 track. If it wasn’t for Alexandra Greenberg of MSO PR sending us the press release this week, we would have been none the wiser!

Well, we’re now happy to report Deadmau5 has tempered his far-out leanings with this new track; certainly an exercise in restraint and something we can get behind. The track features vocals by Chris James, a songwriter who responded to Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman’s posting of a 3-minute version of the track on YouTube, which was created to honor of the late, Ray Bradbury, a writer who in the 50’s who wrote a story warning about the dangers of new technology. To effectively write lyrics that matched the original theme of the Bradbury’s work, James read the story, then submitted lyrics to Zimmerman, who in turn asked James to perform the lyrics on the track.

We’re really digging the animation as well. It’s great to see innovative ideas in EDM videos. Good stuff, for sure!

Here’s a few Tweets, which gets you the Rdio widget and a listen on RollingStone.com of the full EP.


Or, you can download the EP from Amazon.

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