Dusko Justic's "Feel Different" 2-year anniversary party

Dusko Justic at Leopard Lounge

On Friday, May 15th, I hit Dusko Justic’s “Feel Different” 2-year anniversary party at the Leopard Lounge on 2nd Avenue in New York City. Dusko has been running this party at different locations over the course of its lifetime, and it seems as if the Leopard Lounge is a great spot for this intimate affair. House music mixed with a lively, hands in the air, fist pumping and hookah smoking crowd makes for hours of fun. There’s no pretentiousness here…not even a door charge.

Besides Dusko, DJs for the night included the venerable Davidson Ospina, who’s Ospina Digital label is on a tear right now, and Oscar Poche–the workhorse of house music who, despite the downturn after the dotcom crash mixed with 9/11, has seemed to hold his own.

Hilary Radley Pearl Faux Patent Leather Trench-Coat Jessica Bendig looked fabulous in a faux patent leather trench-coat, like this one I found on Bluefly.com. I’m waiting for someone to send me a photo of Jessica in the coat and will post that once I receive it. I’d taken a quick snapshot, but it came out blurry and wasn’t publishable (sigh).

Dusko's Feel Different

Dusko's Feel Different 2nd Anniversary Party

Ramone Welss at Dusko's Feel Different Anniversary Party

Oscar P from Open Bar Music

Dusko at the helm!

Davidson Ospina

Dusko and Tony Z

Benji Candelario

Dusko, Michell and Ramone

David Jurman and Ramone Wells

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