E-Z Rollers

E-Z Rollers in Talinn Estonia

From time to time, bands send “friend requests” to me through my MySpace profile.
I generally try to take a listen and give everyone a shot, so to speak. There’s been a few that have caught my ear. I thought it would be cool if I started posting some of the bands I think you should be checking out.

The other day, I got a request from Norwich, England-based, drum-n-bass crew, E-Z Rollers (Intercom Recordings). I checked them out and am definitely feeling the track, “Carousel.” Reminds me a bit of Hooverphonic. Smooth with energy and straight ahead, real vocals. It’s all about feeling the warmth, basking in the glow of sunshine. It’s a nice, pick-me-up track for late night set.

On “Rancho Notorious” and the Vocal Mix of “Mousetrap,” E-Z Rollers lay in electric guitars of a punk female vocal. A nice element of rock mixed with drum-n-bass. With that punk feel, it brings and edgy, different energy; upfront and in your your face without being too hard.

Check’em out when you get the chance. Def something interesting to start off the new year.

I especially liked their pic on stage in Talinn, Estonia. The home of Skype and Kazaa is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots to party in the world.

Check out E-Rollers yourself in this YouTube video:

Link to MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ezrollers

Download Intercom Recordings Tracks from their DJ Download page: http://www.djdownload.com/labels/intercom/345

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