elodieO “Stubborn”

On August 19, elodieO is set to release “Stubborn,” her first full length EP from her self-titled record label. The set is available for pre-release at iTunes. Take a listen to elodieO’s sound, a mix of 60’s Nico-esque pop with 90’s golden era trip-hop and down-tempo on her MySpace page.

On “Crazy,” elodieO delivers a halting, sensual vocal over a chunky down-tempo beats, backed by lush electro sounding synths played softly throughout the track. Perfect chill-out music for a candle lit, romantic encounter.

The original version of “Le Mer” has a break-beat flow, with elodieO’s sweet, soft, French language vocals distributed across the tracks hook, building a sense of urgency and even a bit of despair.

Since we don’t speak French here at Netmix and we don’t have a sexy, French translator hanging around the office, we can’t really tell you what she’s saying. You’ll have to interpret it all yourself. With French being the language of love, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Even if you can’t translate, don’t run out to purchase that Rosetta Stone language kit from your local mall just yet. The sounds are smooth and easy on the ears. So much so, that we’re fairly confident it won’t much matter if you’ve playing it on your bedroom iPod dock. Better yet, you can head down to Nublu for elodieO’s show on July 26th. Maybe you’ll hook up with someone there who will translate for you in exchange for a $2 beer.

For DJs, remixes are available from Doublestandart, Zeb The Spy of Cairo and Aaron Johnston of the Brazillian Girls.

Thanks for Caitlin Jones of Two Ships That Pass for passing (of course, no pun intended here) along the Zeb remix of “Le Mer.” Click on the play icon below to listen.

elodieO “Le Mer” (Zeb Remix)

So, you’re probably asking: who is elodieO? Well, according to Caitlin, her publicist, elodieO is Parisian by birth. She’s been a “staple of the New York City LES/Nublu electro scene that nurtured Kudu and The Brazilian Girls.”

If you’re not familiar with Nublu, it’s a tiny, hole-in-the-wall space in the East Village, which is becoming the defacto launch pad for many of today’s eclectic New York electro artists. The space consists of a bar on one side of the room and a banquet on the other side. There’s no stage. People simply make a semi-circle just wide enough to fit the bands equipment. It’s a pretty raw experience, which is what makes it seeing artists there so appealing.

On this EP, elodiO composed and arranged all the music with the exception of two re-arranged songs by Serge Gainsbourg and The Cure.  Aaron and Jesse of the Brazilian Girls have a hand in the project as well.

We hope you enjoy! Au revoir!

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