Facebook Users Protest Online Tracking

The New York Times reports Facebook users have mounted another major campaign against the popular Web site. Over 50,000 users have rallied to sign an online petition against an advertising program Facebook recently implemented to track purchases Facebook users made from external Web sites. Those purchases would subsequently be published into publicly accesible news feeds viewable by anyone connected to that purchaser. Those against the program cited their concerns over privacy and the lack of a one-button click to opt out of the program.

As Facebook continues on its path to becoming one of the most powerful social networks online, it must continually weigh the balance between user privacy and programs to generate revenue. Although the Web site is considered similar to other social networks, it has led the user-generated genre in creating a more socially and politically active environment. Although the other social networks are copying Facebook’s features, Mark Zuckerburg’s network is considered superior in a way Google is considered superior to Yahoo!

Fortunately, Facebook is a private company able to react quickly to user concerns. The company has taken immediate steps to resolve the issue. You can read more at NYTimes.com by clicking the link below.

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