Hurricane Relief:

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

On Friday, I learned from my friend Karen Langjahr our mutual friend, William Daniels who works in New York City for Bug Music has an extended family who lost 7 homes and all their possessions and are now refugees safe in Atlanta, staying in hotels and a friends home, but they need the support, money, food, clothing, toiletries and other necessities.

Having gone through 9/11, Karen and I wanted to do something to help, so I decided a blog with a donation section would be a great idea to help William help his family.

Please visit to learn more about the
situation and determine how you can possibly help.
I set up a link to Paypal to accept donations. There will be more information added when we get the proper addresses, names, sizes, diet restrictions for the family.

I have already donated $50 plus donated my time and money to set up the blog through We want to make this as transparent as possible so I’ve set up an Accounting page where we will post all donations made and try as best we can to keep track of the money.

There is contact information on the blog to reach out to William, Karen or I with questions. And, you’ll be able to respond to posts with your own comments of support and love for this family in need.

I rarely ever ask anyone for help, even during 9/11 when New York took a big hit…I stuck it out, but this is different. All Americans need to step up to the plate. I took my turn today, I hope you’ll all do the same over the next few week, months and years.

William, his family, Karen and I hope you can help. Thank you so much!

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