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Tweet RiverOkay, we all know the power Twitter now wields over unfettered thought on the web. However, if you’re a company who has set up their first Twitter feed, only to find that competitors and those who either hate you or want to see you fail start posting things you might not want your mother to see, then check out two new services that will allow you to moderate Tweets before they hit your feed. recently provided moderation services for the first Twitter conference, TWTRCON, in San Francisco. A few bloggers are already talking about the service.

From their web site:

TweetRiver delivers innovative and exciting solutions for a broad spectrum of companies and organizations. Some customers are simply trying to get a moderated Twitter stream onto their website. Some are trying to redefine how they engage customers from first-touch through customer support.

We know that each of our customers has individual needs. What solution can we deliver for you?

News & Media

  • Publish a moderated news feed on your website
  • Interact with an online community or fan group
  • Curate tweets (or links in tweets) about news and events
  • Aggregate tweets from multiple personalities into a single stream


  • Notify customers and prospects of news or events
  • Publish a moderated product feed on your website
  • Respond to customer support issues
  • Capture product, service, or company recommendations
  • Power digital signage with tweets from customers or about your market

Large Enterprise

  • Personalize a brand with tweets from key employees or executives
  • Drive thought leadership about products or solutions
  • Augment the call center with the crowd conversation
  • Enable customers to collaborate via social media


  • Cross-promote links and keywords from tweets to your website
  • Publish buzz about new products or events
  • Feature tweets from key influencers on your website
  • Respond to local product and service requests Not to be outdone, there’s a newbie on the block. promises to do the following:

  • Automatic or Manual Approval of Tweets
  • Custom Bad Word Filtering
  • Whitelist or Blacklist Twitter Users
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets from New Accounts
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets with Multiple Trending Topics

TidyTweet is currently in private beta. Sign up for an account to test it out. It looks like it will be free for personal users. Business customers will have to fork over the toll.

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