Netmix Milestone: 5,000 Streams Served

Today, Netmix Radio hit the 5,000 mark in terms of number of streams served to our listeners since I re-launched the streaming radio station in October! This is very exciting for me; to bring Netmix back from the brink of extinction 3-years ago and grow listenership again on a grass-roots level. I relaunched the site with this blog last spring and added the online radio component in October.

This morning, I looked at the totals and they were under 5,000, but when I got back from dinner tonight, the number jumped to 5,107 streaming over 1,800 hours of programming. I know this is a far cry from what some other sites are serving today, but it’s a new and exciting start for Netmix and my personal goal of bringing the web site back to international prominence since the dotcom crash in 2000.

Funny, someone said to me a few months ago that I should just sell the domain and get out of it, questioning whether Netmix is relevant any longer. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Without any advertising and little promotion to speak of (just some MySpace and Friendster postings), writing my blog and programming the station have given a new life to the Netmix domain, and instilled in me the belief that Netmix still is relevant after all these years, and will be relevant for a long time to come.

I want to thank all my friends, family and listeners for their support during difficult times. Many of those who know me, have seen me go through so much since I originally launched Netmix in Boston, and then moved the web site to New York City in September of 1996. It’s been a long-arduous journey, but one that I do not regret. There have been many people who have been very supportive of my efforts over the last 10-years. My number one and two supporters have been my Dad and my Mom and their respective spouses. And the rest of my family have never questioned what I do, although they wonder if I have a screw loose putting myself through so much.

I also have my mentor, David Jurman, to thank as well. Since the day we met at a Boston Record Pool meeting in the early 90’s, he’s been my best teacher and my biggest industry supporter. In fact, we had dinner tonight and he suggested I begin to market myself as a techno-pioneer! Thanks for the suggestion, Dave! LOL. Maybe, I’ll do just that.

I can’t forget to thank my girlfriend, Missy, for putting up with my late nights at the computer. Don’t worry babe, I’ll be off in a minute!

Goodnight, my friends!

Tony Z.

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