Photek interviews Moby for The Drop: new series from Complex TV and DoAndroidsDance?

In today’s world of social media at hyperspeed, where videos are thrown up every second and promoted incessantly without much of a message, this new series form Complex TV and DoAndroidsDance?, an online dance music magazine, seems somewhat promising. The first episode finds two incredible electronic musicians in a simple conversation out of it comes a few gems from a relaxed conversation between these two legends. While it’s an interview and Photek is probably not the best interviewer in the world, he does ask good questions and gets into MOBY’s thinking and process.

Converted to black and white, this first video in the series feels artsy yet intimate. It’s refreshing to see MOBY pick up a bass to play some Joy Division licks toward the end of the interview and this plays as a reminder that musicianship – even in EDM – is important. In its simplicity, it teaches upcoming producers that MOBY doesn’t just program music in computers – he’s also a true musician, having learned to play instruments and mapping that early learning to his current productions. We hope the scene will inspire a young EDM artist to pick up a guitar or a bass and play around with the sound. To not be so reliant on Ableton, Logic and software synths to make electronic music. Bring in different acoustic sounds into an EDM production to differentiate.

We invite you to check out the 1st episode here and we’ve posted the embed below. We’ll be watching to see what comes of The Drop. So much media to consume and so little time to consume it, but these conversations are important nonetheless for upcoming producers and music fans to learn a little something from the leaders in the music industry. What the audience metrics will be and how this program will air remains to be seen. In a competitive Internet video landscape, you have to have something really special to monetize it and keep it going.


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