Speaking at Rockland Community College

Today, I’ll be speaking to the Music Business Club at Rockland Community College about the state of the music industry and to give some pointers on how to find a job in the business. I’ll also talk a little bit about my career, some of my experiences and about how Netmix started in ’95 and what’s going on with it today.

I’m excited about the opportunity to give back in some way to the younger generation, who are interested in careers in the music business. My mentor, David Jurman, former VP of Dance Music at Columbia Records, taught me many lessons, but the main one is to always try and give back whenever you can. And, I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to do so.

I’ve been trying to get to How To Stream Your Mix Online, Pt. 2, but I’m just incredibly swamped with school, interviews, family coming into town, attending a b-day on Saturday, redesigning Madsol’s web site and, let’s see…is there anything else? Oh year, taking care of my dog, Jasmine!

So, sit tight…and don’t forget, Beatport just recorded it’s one millionth download!!!!

Here’s the press release in case you’re interested (from Sioux and the crew at Magnum PR):


Rodrigo Lozano from Tacna, Peru logged onto Beatport Thursday October 27th and downloaded Angel Moraes’ ‘Welcome to the Factory’ on Hot N Spycy Records, and received more than he bargained for. He became the recipient of the millionth download on dance centric Beatport and garnered a prize package that included free tracks for a year, Stanton’s Final Scratch 2, Pioneer hDJ-1000 headphone and a free version of Traktor 3.0 DJ Studio.

‘Digital exploitation is becoming a more important part of the overall income of our label. User friendly, customer support, expansive catalogue, and a great look and feel combined with varied opportunities to promote our releases are factors that we look for in a partner on the digital exploitation side and Beatport has got all that combined with easy and clear accounting’ – Roger Sanchez – Grammy Winning Producer

Beatport has become the first look for all dance music enthusiasts; encompassing an audience of electronic artists of all calibers, and electronic music consumers. Implementing a site that revolves around only electronic music, it is not only the place to find that hot track you are looking for, but has now become one of the best outlets for record labels to get their tunes heard and sold.

“Beatport is the best place to download dance music” – Tiesto

Beatport offers the highest quality downloads at mp3’s 320kbps, and coming soon, uncompressed wav file downloads, in the most secure, legal, easiest, most user friendly interface on the web. Also coming in November, Native Instruments will introduce Traktor 3 with a built in version of the Beatport site, creating the complete DJ package – the music and the program to play it live. Coming soon Beatport will launch their world wide syndication system – allowing labels to sell music on their own website via Beatport technology.

“It’s amazing the support we have received from the electronic music industry and professional DJ’s,” said Jonas Tempel, Beatport’s C.E.O. “It’s exciting that Beatport is becoming the industry standard for electronic music downloads from professional DJ’s to the avid consumer, Beatport is the first look for the best dance music.”

Since inception Beatport has maintained a steady upward growth rate and this milestone marks their success. Beatport projects to reach its second millionth download in the second quarter of 2006. This accelerated growth rate shows the enthusiasm of the customer and desire for the services Beatport provides.

“…Beatport’s announcement (of upcoming millionth download) suggests significant market shifts to come” – Earplug Issue #54

Beatport’s management team is comprised of a group of music industry professionals including Bad Boy Bill, Brad Roulier, Ritchie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Native Instruments and Jonas Tempel. Brad Roulier is the Promoter and Director of Entertainment for The Church Nightclub, voted the top club in North America in 2002. Ritchie Hawtin, Bad Boy Bill and John Acquaviva are all world renown DJ’s and producers. Native Instruments is the pioneer and market leader in the field of software synthesis. Jonas Tempel is a successful DJ and Producer and chairman of Beatport ’s parent company, Factory Design Labs, Inc., an award winning marketing and design agency.

Oh yeah, one more thing…I’m trying to go out and shoot Roger Sanchez at Cielo tomorrow night, so stay tuned for pics of that on Friday! (If I just add one more thing to my plate…lol).

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