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Radio Station 2.3.2- Now Available for Download

This maintenance and bug fix release is now available for download on the plugin page.

New features in this release include an optional Radio Clock time display above the Schedule – also available as a separate widget or shortcode. The clock displays the current radio time and user time side by side, making it easier for your listeners to tune in to your Schedule from other parts of the world. 

The Current Show, Upcoming Shows and Current Playlist widgets (and shortcodes) now support AJAX loading, which it is recommended to use if you have a page cache (AJAX loading the widgets “busts” the cache to display the currently accurate Show information.) You can turn this on by default via the Plugin Settings, or for each individual widget. 

As a further improvement to the user interface, both Show Shifts and Playlist Tracks can now be saved instantly via AJAX with the click of a button, without having to wait for an Update button page reload. And we have also added arrows so that you can re-order playlist tracks just easily as you can now save them. We’re sure these great additions will save you time as we continue to make Radio Station even better with each release!

On the bugfix side, the main issue we addressed in this release was to use the plugin Timezone Setting for all time calculations throughout the plugin. While this was no easy task, we’re confident this will improve the consistency of all time displays into the future. We also improved the show shift conflict checker logic and fixed an issue users were reporting with the show and override midnight end conflicts, as well as calculating next shows at the end of the schedule week… along with a handful of other minor bugfixes in line with our goals of flexibility and stability. Read the full list of fixes below.

Tony Hayes led the development of this release.

Thanks to the following users for reporting issues:


2.3.2 includes the following:

  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.2) with settings link fix
  • Improved: use plugin timezone setting for all times
  • Improved: show shift conflict checker logic
  • Added:  Radio Clock Widget for user/server time display  
  • Added: AJAX widget load option (to bypass page caches)
  • Added: automated show schedule highlighting (table/tabs/list)
  • Added: playlist track arrows for re-ordering tracks
  • Added: AJAX save of show shifts and playlist tracks
  • Added: post type editing metabox position filtering
  • Added: more display attributes to Master Schedule shortcode
  • Fixed: handling of UTC only timezone settings
  • Fixed: added check for empty role capabilities
  • Fixed: added settings submenu redirection fix
  • Fixed: show and override midnight end conflict
  • Fixed: calculate next shows at end of schedule week
  • Fixed: metaboxes disappearing on position sorting
  • Fixed: move tracks marked New to end of Playlist on update
  • Fixed: override shift array output showing above schedule
  • Fixed: master schedule specify days attribute bug
  • Fixed: display real end time of overnight split shifts
  • Fixed: master schedule display with days attribute
  • Fixed: logic for Affected Shifts in override list
  • Fixed: removed auto-tab selection change on tab view resize
  • Fixed: Current Show widget schedule/countdown for Overrides  
  • Fixed: multiple overrides in schedule range variable conflict  

View the complete Radio Station changelog here.

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