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New label launch – Quarterlife Records at Cielo on January 29th; mark your calendars!

I got an email tonight from Quarterlife Records founder, Alex Pearce, to let me know that he and his partner, DJ Ebar, are throwing the label a launch party on January 29 at New York's reigning house music mecca, Cielo. I jumped over to their MySpace page located at http://www.myspace.com/quarterlifenyc to listen to the label's first release--the self titled "Indicant" by Indicant. Funky and raw, it reminds me of DJ Sneak's early techno inspired releases on Chicago's Relief Records. The "Hub Mix" of "Indicant" borrows a tiny bit from speed garage tracks of the late 90's, while staying true to its electro roots with staccato vocal samples and bright synths interspersed over the tracks breakdowns. If a DJ like Todd Terry was into electro, I could see this fitting into his repertoire.

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