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Groove Armanda at Cielo

Last night, I dropped by Cielo for a set by Groove Armada. Their latest tune, "Love Sweet Sound," washed over the crowd and pushed them into a sweaty frenzy on the dancefloor. It was the highlight of the night--then again, I did leave at 1:30 a.m. and couldn't say for the whole show. I can't justify a 4 a.m. night out on a Tuesday with homework due for class tonight!

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New label launch – Quarterlife Records at Cielo on January 29th; mark your calendars!

I got an email tonight from Quarterlife Records founder, Alex Pearce, to let me know that he and his partner, DJ Ebar, are throwing the label a launch party on January 29 at New York's reigning house music mecca, Cielo. I jumped over to their MySpace page located at http://www.myspace.com/quarterlifenyc to listen to the label's first release--the self titled "Indicant" by Indicant. Funky and raw, it reminds me of DJ Sneak's early techno inspired releases on Chicago's Relief Records. The "Hub Mix" of "Indicant" borrows a tiny bit from speed garage tracks of the late 90's, while staying true to its electro roots with staccato vocal samples and bright synths interspersed over the tracks breakdowns. If a DJ like Todd Terry was into electro, I could see this fitting into his repertoire.

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Frankie Knuckles’ B’day Party at Cielo

Boy, do I love Cielo or what? It's just my favorite nightclub in New York City since Twilo's demise and the decommishioning of Centro Fly. Sure, I like Pacha too. I'm not much of a fan of Crobar. And, I haven't been to Marquis, BED or the other bling spots, so I'll reserve judgement on those spots. Although I've heard they are quite good in their own right.

A week ago Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending house music pioneer and legendary DJ/Producer, Frankie Knuckles, birthday party. It was great to see the DefMix crew in full effect. From Judy Weinstein to Baby Hec Romero, Frankie's posse held down the fort while presenting the Godfather of House a huge b'day cake just before he started off his set with the seminal deep house track, "Whistle Song."

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