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MixCloud Netmix page

MixCloud gets smart and disables skipping through mixes

Finally, somebody got smart and listened to reason, instead of trying to hide behind an obscure clause in the DMCA that covers mashups (but not mixshows) as derivative works. I just went to check out my latest DJ mix on MixCloud and here’s what I got. A pop-up that said scrubbing back through tracks is disabled.

MixCloud Netmix page
MixCloud disables scrub function and displays warning that featured disabled in USA.

You can see my admin here to edit this mixshow, but notice the track listing is not displayed. You have to click “Show Tracklist” to see it. This should, at the very least, allay the concerns of labels for now, unless they want to make even more of a stink over MixCloud. I have to give it to MixCloud on this one. They finally owned up to it and made the change, which makes the service more legal than SoundCloud, which could not implement this for fear of locking out users from being able to scrub through tracks actually owned by their copyright holders featured on that site. You can’t do this for some tracks and not all. It’s very hard to manage. So we’re finally moving in the right direction, MixCloud. Good stuff and congrats on making these new changes. I think they will go a long way to keeping you guys from getting hit by the labels down the road.

MixCloud Netmix page track listings revealed on click
MixCloud Netmix page showing track listing.