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DanceTransmission.co.uk Piracy Survey Screen Shot

UK dance music piracy survey released

In a survey of over 200 record label managers, PR agents, producers, artists and promo companies, UK website, DanceTrasmission.co.uk reports that 74.3% of all respondents surveyed cited downloading as having a negative affect on their business.

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Google and Facebook to add music; MySpace adds iLike video to Facebook

Google and Facebook will be adding music to their offerings through agreements with iLike.com, Lala.com and Imeem.com. According to a NY Times blog post, next Wednesday, Google will announce a new feature of its popular search engine that will return with search results music files hosted by a iLike and Lala. If a user types in a search for Tiesto or Kaskade, the search results will provide links to pop-up music players and the user may stream the tracks directly from the search engine, without having to go to the site's themselves.

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More on the cancellation of the Beatport affiliate program

A little bird flew in and told us the possible cause for Beatport to suddently abandon their affiliate marketing program, leaving many sites in the lurch with broken links and no answers.

The little bird surmised that Beatport's affilate program was costing them more dollars in fraudulent transactions than they were making in revenues. How does something like this happen? Let us explain.

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