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DanceTransmission.co.uk Piracy Survey Screen Shot

UK dance music piracy survey released

In a survey of over 200 record label managers, PR agents, producers, artists and promo companies, UK website, DanceTrasmission.co.uk reports that 74.3% of all respondents surveyed cited downloading as having a negative affect on their business.

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Silicon Insider's Peter Kafka muses on what ails the music business

Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker chats with Silicon Insider managing editor, Peter Kafka on the state of the music business.

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Korea's music emprassario Jin-Young Park speaks to Portfolio on the music business future

In this video interview with Portfolio Magazine, Korean music executive Jin-Young Park discusses broadband penetration in South Korea and how that has affected music sales and what he believes is the death of the album as we know it. He sees a future in singles sales and the band as a brand, it's name plastered over phone cards, devices, merchandise and a host of other marketable products.

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David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists

Former Talking Head's frontman gives his take on how emerging artists should look at the music industry situation.

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