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Ovation brings live concerts in-venue digital distribution to fans

Ovation Tower digital music distribution for live events
Ovation Tower

Migratory Music have launched what could be revolutionary technology for the concert industry. The company’s new Ovation Tower sits in-venue. A live performance is mixed down by professional sound engineers from Aderra and the concert is made available as a download either during or after the event.

Concert fans can walk up tot the Ovation Tower kiosk and either download the concert to their mobile device or onto a USB stick. They also have the option to send an email link and download from home.

What is interesting about the service is the large screens also double as video displays for HD-quality advertising messages, which give advertisers the ability to market to concertgoers. Seems like a smart way to double-dip on revenues.

It remains to be seen whether this technology will catch on, but Migratory’s recently announced partnerships with Nederlander Concerts, MediaNet, Abbey Road Live, SeePoint Technology, Aderra Media Technologies and YCD Multimedia, they seem to be well on their way. We wonder if the cost of production and the technology will be supported by music fans who line up to download the concert before they leave the venue.

It probably makes sense to download an app for iPhone or Android, allow the concert goers to check-in from a show, and then provide them with the ability to purchase the concert and download it immediately (only on Android as Apple does not allow downloads), stream it again (could work on iOS) or send a link to download it later.

Screen shot of Ovation Tower in action (not video!)

Why go through all the trouble of putting kiosks in venues? Seems like a control issue, but we’d still like to see it available via an app. Wouldn’t you? For more on this story, check out the Migratory Music press release on Mi2n.


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