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Tom Middleton - One More TuneIt’s early May. The economy? Well…still kind of in a funk. You’ve been feeling a bit down lately. Friends losing their jobs. You are a bit unsure yourself of where this is all headed. But the news of the last few days is looking up. The craziness is stabilizing. The banks are bad, but not as bad as we thought. The automakers are valiantly fighting to stay relevant. People are saving, not spending. The bottom is here. The only way is up, or so we hope.

With that in mind, the summer dance music scene will be kicking in a few weeks. Surely, you’ll be able to lose yourself in happy state of dance to the pulsating rhythms that will cleanse your soul of all this drama we’ve been going through. Can’t wait, you say? Now you don’t have to. You can simply download this most excellent mix compilation, One More Tune, from the legendary, Tom Middleton, and be awash in blissful melodies that will heal your heart and soak your mind.

Tom says this phenomenal double disc set includes, “…my hand picked collection of past, present and future end of the night anthems. Some will be familiar, others more underground, yet all truly memorable, rich in harmony and emotion.”

Our fav track is on Disc One: Budai + Vic “All Night Long.” Of course, there are so many others that will leave you wanting more. There’s Mustafa Feat. Elisangela “Dom Demais” (Audiowhores Remix), Akabu “Phuturebound” (Shur-i-kan Remix), The Orange Lights track, “A Few Good Days” (Tom Middleton Deep Dub), and who can forget the Derrick May classic, “Strings Of Life” (Tom Middleton Remodel).

We highly recommend One More Tune. And you thought you were going to have to dig through last year’s stuff for that trip to the beach in a few weeks, ha! Now that you have One More Tune, don’t bother. This compilation will keep you blissfully happy while you stretch your body in the sand and soak in the rays of summer sunshine.

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  1. DJ Remix says:

    This collection includes some tracks that are familiar, others more underground, yet all truly memorable, rich in harmony and emotion. Each track represents an unforgettable club or festival moment during the last two decades.

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