Javier…a star in the making? I think so!

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When my girlfriend, Missy, and I first started dating over two and a half years ago, she knew a little about my DJ background, but had never really gone out to nightclubs. So, we didn’t have much in common in that regard. In fact, the first night we talked, she’d been working at a wedding and hanging around the DJ. Now, no offense to all you wedding DJs out there, but she didn’t realize I was a club DJ and had graduated from the wedding circuit many moons ago.

in an attempt to connect with my musical sensibilities, she told me about this guy, Javier, her friend Pablo’s brother. Missy said something like, “you’ve gotta hear my friend Pablo’s brother…,” etc…etc… I thought, yeah, I’ve heard this before. She told me that Javier was “awesome” and that his music is “so beautiful” and that I would just love it. Always the skeptic, I thought to myself that that it was cute she was trying to impress me by offering up some commonality she thought we might have. Of the hundreds of people who have approached me to tell me about an amazing artist they know–their brother’s sister’s uncle’s neighbor’s nephew’s daughter’s friend from high school–truth be told, only a very, very few have moved me. So, I just nodded my head to appease her and told her I’d take a listen.

So, Missy pulls out this guy’s album, which is actually on Capitol Records. I’m a little taken aback–like, how does this girl who lives in Carmel, NY (Putnam County, for all those who are curious as to where that is) know an R&B singer/songwriter on a major label? I was a little bewildered, to say the least. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and took a listen. Much to my surprise, what was emanating from the speakers was an incredibly talented young man who would later blow me away during a live performance at New York City’s Cutting Room.

Humbled, I gave the CD back to Missy and scoffed, “yeah, he’s not bad…not bad at all.” That was before the live show and after I’d learned that the label kind of directed him into this Pop and R&B mold to sell him to black radio, where he had no business being in the first place. Once I saw the live show, I discovered that Javier is one of the most talented singer/songwriters I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live. He absolutely blew me away. Listening to Javier is like listening to the male version of Sade, combined with the Latin tinge of Luis Miguel, while mixing in a bit of R&B balladeer, Brian McKnight. His humble attitude is endearing and he warms up the stage quickly with soft, witty asides that connect with the audience. His opening notes, along with the strumming of the guitar are as sweet and smooth as the best Godiva chocolate. His ability to hit notes and sing every song from an emotive, heart felt place makes you realize you’re listening to something so powerful and extremely rare. In this day and age of pop overload, I thank God that singer/songwriters like Javier are finding a space to bring their brand of music to the fore.

Now that Luther is gone, I’m glad to at least have Javier. He may not quite fill the shoes, but he’s pretty damn close.

I’ve wanted to share Javier’s music here on the blog for some time. I know I wrote about him a while back, but I just checked his MySpace tonight and found links to a few YouTube videos of recent performances in Cologne, Germany, where he opened for Joss Stone. I wanted to share this with you, because this is a guy you should know, follow and support. Check out the video below or visit Javier on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/javiermyspace.

You can purchase Javier’s last album through Javier - Left of Center I hope you will enjoy Javier as much as i do.



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