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Javier…a star in the making? I think so!

When my girlfriend, Missy, and I first started dating over two and a half years ago, she knew a little about my DJ background, but had never really gone out to nightclubs. So, we didn't have much in common in that regard. In fact, the first night we talked, she'd been working at a wedding and hanging around the DJ. Now, no offense to all you wedding DJs out there, but she didn't realize I was a club DJ and had graduated from the wedding circuit many moons ago. in an attempt to connect with my musical sensibilities, she told me about this guy, Javier, her friend Pablo's brother. Missy said something like, "you've gotta hear my friend Pablo's brother...," etc...etc... I thought, yeah, I've heard this before. She told me that Javier was "awesome" and that his music is "so beautiful" and that I would just love it. Always the skeptic, I thought to myself that that it was cute she was trying to impress me by offering up some commonality she thought we might have. Of the hundreds of people who have approached me to tell me about an amazing artist they know--their brother's sister's uncle's neighbor's nephew's daughter's friend from high school--truth be told, only a very, very few have moved me. So, I just nodded my head to appease her and told her I'd take a listen.

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