Online and Mobile Changing the Face of Music Marketing

I clocked a good article through my Google News feed written by Reuter’s Sue Zeidler on the impact of the Internet and Mobile communications on music marketing and promotion in today’s changing commercial music landscape.

Music marketing gets a digital tune-up reports on the record industry’s shift to market and promote artists to new media outlets, web sites and mobile communications companies that host music files, run promotions and want access to exclusive content such as, (not mentioned but important nonetheless), Cingular, Sprint and Verizon Wireless among others.

Now that the Internet has been accepted by Madison Avenue and Wall Street as a mass-medium of communication and a successful marketplace, the music inudstry’s advertising and marketing dollars are being reduced (not cut) at traditional media, such as radio, where they were spending untold millions in an attempt to get airplay and priority placement on radio, towards the Internet and mobile devices to catch music fans where they are spending an increasing amount of their time.

The article quotes Even Harrison from Clear Channel, Craig Kallman at Atlantic Records, Adam Klein from EMI and Dave Beasing from Jacobs Media.

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