Popozao? Did you mean, Poopoozao?

I rarely every comment on popular music, but I just have to add my two cents to this one.

This morning, I was reading an article about AOL’s new gay and lesbian music channel, so I clicked into AOL’s landing page for the section, G-Sides, to see what the buzz was about. One of the stories in the news section mentions Britney Spears and how she’s gone from pop-queen to “trashy mama.” There’s a link to her hubby’s new song, “Popozao,” which I guess mean’s bring your ass close to me in Portugese. Okay, so that’s cute, right? Nah…

I clicked in to listen to the song and just thought, how could any A&R executive in their right mind sign this record? The record industry constantly complains about how they are losing money, but here they are just flushing…no…tearing to shreds…let me rephrase…disintegrating money like it was toxic (no pun intended) waste chemically dispersing in the Staten Island landfill.

I don’t know boys and girls? This has got to be the worst use of digital audio technology in the history of the medium.

Poor Kevin…can’t he get any respect? Stick to dancing and making babies kid, if you’re gonna release crap like this, then we’re in for a long year of Federline PR pooping in our ears. Speaking of poop in my ears, I’m gonna have to buy Q-Tips on my way to work this morning to clean out my precious ears. I’d rather listen to the high-pitched screech of the 6-train pulling into 14th Street/Union Square than have this track playing on my iPod.

Poopooooooo, Kevin! PoopooooooZaaaoooo!

See and hear for yourself on AOL:


I wonder if my Google Adsense code will insert a diuretic or constipation text ad below in relation to the keywords in this article? Make sure you click to get some of whatever it is they’re selling before you listen to this record. You’re gonna need it!

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