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10 cool Winter Music Conference YouTube videos

Here's 10 hot−no wait−cool videos culled from YouTube for your enjoyment. I'm not saying they are the best videos, but they certainly give you and idea of what was going on at WMC this year.

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BT and Sharam answer conference attendee question on the Producer Panel at WMC 2009

An extraordinary discussion led by BT around the implications surrounding the mainstreaming and commercialization of dance music. One conference delegate questioned the push for greater exposure for electronic dance music and DJ culture, wondering why we seek greater exposure when our audience is perfectly content keeping the music for themselves.

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Netmix Winter Music Conference Update – A day at the panels

A rap-up of today's Winter Music Conference 2009 panels, including the Producers Panel, Marketing & PR and Digital Distribution. Complete with video on Netmix.com.

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