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Fun with DJDownload.com

DJDownload.com is one of the top DJ download sites on the web. The British company has launched a cool audio player, which allows anyone to embed a playlist of their fav DJ Download tracks on their MySpace or web page. Netmix created a player with 39 out of this week's Top 100. Check it out and create your own. The "needle drop" feature is very cool. Users can drop the cursor at any point on a waveform in the player to start the music at that spot.

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Music Industry Downfall: The Rise of Social Streaming

Compete.com analyzes online music destinations. Finds that streaming is far and away the most popular way to listen to online music.

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Michael Robertson shares thoughts on Imeem deal

On his blog, Michael Robertson, founder of MP3tunes.com shares his thoughts on the recent Imeem deal with UMG and why that is bad for Imeem and bad for digital music web companies in general.

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